Comprehensive Vocational Evaluations

The Comprehensive Vocational Evaluations (CVEs) provided by CSI are typically done over a four to five day period; they are authorized by DOR for up to a maximum of ten days in duration. CSI follows all guidelines set forth by DOR in the provision of CVE Services.


Each CVE is tailored to fully assess the individual client's capabilities and to discern potential suitable employment goals. The services are individualized to ensure each client achieves the best possible outcome, and to provide DOR with a complete picture of the client's aptitude, abilities, skills, and potential needs or additional services that DOR might provide to support the client in achieving competitive integrated employment.


CSI maintains a full battery of assorted vocational evaluation tools. The CVE will include quantitative standardized tests and qualitative or situational assessment materials. These tools and materials will be utilized to fully assess each individual's specific:


Academic Achievement Levels

General Learning Aptitude

Intellectual Functioning

Physical Capacities

Specific Aptitudes, such as: clerical, computer literacy, manual dexterity, mechanical/industrial skills, office administration, physical capacities, and transferable skills

Temperament / Personality

Vocational Interests

Worker Traits / Worker Characteristics


Upon completion of the CVE, the Vocational Evaluator will compile results and write a detailed CVE Report for the referring DOR counselor. This Report will address and include all of the above information gathered on the client. The Vocational Evaluator will also write an Individual Service Plan (ISP) noting the client's specific:


Potential Occupational Areas of Interest

Barriers to Employment

Strategies to Overcome Barriers

Goal Outcomes


The ISP is provided to the client and also the referring DOR counselor. Included with the ISP and the CVE Report sent to the DOR counselor may be other supporting documentation or information. These additional items may be helpful to validate the client's vocational goals, or to assist the DOR counselor with determining the appropriate next steps for the client. The CVE Report is designed to provide the referring DOR counselor with information useful in determining eligibility for potential vocational rehabilitation needs, services, and supports.


The overriding goal of the CVE is to ensure the individual is better informed and prepared for competitive integrated employment, in the best manner possible given their unique situation and disabilities. The entire CVE process is a learning process for both the client and the Vocational Evaluator. The CSI staff works diligently throughout the CVE assessment period to make certain that the client is fully informed and engaged each step of the way, and to discern the client's individual employment strengths, abilities, skills, interests, capabilities, and barriers to employment.