Who We Serve

CSI works with individuals with a variety of disabilities and/or barriers to employment, including:


Acquired / Tramautic Brain Injury (ABI / TBI)

Alcohol and / or Other Addictions

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Developmental Disabilities

Dual Diagnosis (AOD / DD)

Dual Diagnosis (AOD / MH)

Dual Diagnosis (MH / DD)

Hearing Impairments

HIV Positive / AIDS


Mental Disorders

New Immigrants/Refugees

Physical Disabilities

Unemployed / Underemployed

Visual Impairments


Clients must be referred through the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR).

California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR)

DOR - San Diego District Office

7575 Metropolitan Dr., Suite 107

San Diego, CA 92108-4402


(619) 767-2100 (Telephone)

(619) 767-2156 (Fax)

(619) 767-2159 (TTY)



How to Apply for DOR Services

There are three requirements that comprise the application process:


1) Request Services. You can do this through several methods:


a) Complete and sign a DR 222 - Vocational Rehabilitation Services Application in person, online, or by mail; or


b) Visit a One-Stop Center and complete an intake application form requesting vocational rehabilitation services; or


c) Otherwise requesting services from the DOR.


2) Provide the DOR with information necessary to begin an assessment to determine your eligibility and priority for services.


3) Be available to complete the assessment process. This includes activities such as attending the initial interview, watching an orientation video, participating in the evaluation of your skills and capabilities, and completing your part of any actions you and your counselor agree upon.